If your wallet is feeling a bit slim, you don't have to cut back on your holiday celebrations. There are a number of ways to enjoy the different holidays without breaking the bank. The tips in this section will give you some great ideas for throwing low-cost parties during several holidays including Independence Day, Labor Day, and Memorial Day.

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   Funding a Low Cost Independence Day
Putting together a fun family Independence Day celebration doesn't need to be expensive. By getting together at community celebrations you can enjoy all the festivities without the expense. You should include community concerts, fireworks and parades as part of your Independence Day celebration. You can also save money by joining neighbors for a potluck BBQ. There are many innovative ways to save money on travel, including bartering your services.

   Funding a Low Cost Labor Day
Community events such as potluck dinners and street fairs are a great way to spend the Labor Day holiday. They are also economical. If your school or church group has time over the Labor Day holiday, doing an innovative fundraiser might be the answer.

   Funding a Low Cost Memorial Day
By focusing on the message behind Memorial Day you can plan a memorable and enjoyable celebration without spending a lot of money. You can spend time as a family preparing gift boxes or cards for military personnel. You can plan to visit a local military memorial. If you are traveling further away from home for the holiday, consider doing a home exchange to help reduce costs.

   Funding a Low Cost Mother's Day
Mother's Day is a great holiday, and one that everyone should take the time to celebrate. However, there is one drawback to this holiday, and that is it can get fairly expensive if you don't watch. Funding a low cost Mother's day isn't all that difficult as long as you keep a couple of things in mind.