Saving Money on Appliances

by Lee Wyatt
(last updated August 23, 2013)

Have you ever noticed how much of a hassle it can be to try and save some money on appliances? Frankly it seems like whatever money you save by buying the lower costing ones is quickly eaten up in higher utility bills. As you can see in this little illustration, saving money on appliances is a little trickier than simply buying the one with the lowest sticker price. Here are a few methods that you can use to go about saving as much money as possible for the entire life of your appliances, and not just when you first get them.

  • Quality counts. While you don't necessarily want to go out and buy the most expensive brand of appliances on the market, you also don't want to purchase the least expensive ones either. Instead, do some research into the different brands and models and make yourself familiar with the way that each one performs. This way you can have a better idea of how much maintenance your appliance is likely to need over the lifetime that you have it.
  • Compare. Once you have in mind which appliance you may be purchasing, look around for the best possible deal that you can find. While it is ok to purchase quality, that doesn't necessarily mean that you wan to spend top dollar on it either. The key to comparing is not rushing, and be as thorough as possible. Look at all the stores that could carry this particular model, both large and small, before you do make your final purchase.
  • Get high efficiency units. Make sure that the unit that you want to get is a high efficiency unit. These units can save you money in a variety of ways. Some examples of these are that you can often get money back from utility companies, tax breaks, and most importantly lower average utility bills. All of this will add up, and can quickly repay the investment that was your initial purchase.
  • Keep them in good repair. Everything mechanical can break down, and that includes your appliances. It never hurts to have the phone number to a good appliance repairman on your list of emergency numbers. In addition, it is a good idea to have your appliances given at least an annual tune up to help prevent them from breaking down unexpectedly.
  • Know when to replace them. Despite what many people may like to think, appliances do have a life expectancy, and it is a good idea to know what the average life expectancy is. That way, you can begin making plans as to when you will need to purchase a new appliance, or at least have a serious look at whether your appliance can continue on for a few more years or not. For example, the average electric dryer can last for about 14 years, while your microwave can last for around eight.

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Lee Wyatt

Contributor of numerous Tips.Net articles, Lee Wyatt is quickly becoming a regular "Jack of all trades." He is currently an independent contractor specializing in writing and editing. Contact him today for all of your writing and editing needs! Click here to contact. ...


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