Sometimes words can't say what they need to say. Videos that cover the same information often have a different impact than black and white text.

The videos in this section of tips can help you see, literally, what you can do to protect and grow your money. From building good credit to earning interest on your checking account to protecting yourself from identity theft, you'll be able to watch your financial future improve.

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   Avoid Check Cashing Companies - Video
Using check cashing companies can be a big financial mistake. Here's why.

   Avoid Payday Loan Companies - Video
Payday loan companies are a bad financial idea. They feed your impulse to spend what you don't have, and then they charge you exorbitant fees for it.

   Building Good Credit - Video
The easiest way to build good credit is to start with a clean slate and make good financial decisions. Some of those decisions are detailed in this video, which explains how you can get the best credit possible.

   Choosing the Right Checking Account - Video
Sometimes finding the right checking account for you is a frustrating process and daunting because of all the different choices available. If you just keep in mind the few simple guidelines and facts in this video, you shouldn't have any problem opening up that account!

   Credit Counseling Agencies - Video
Credit counseling agencies can be a great benefit to you and your financial path, especially if you don't exactly know what to do. As this video discloses, you should approach credit counseling agencies with caution and learn as much as you can so you can determine the best path for you.

   Dealing With Credit Reporting Agencies - Video
Credit bureaus can be a pain, but knowing how to deal with them is important. The way to stay on top is to persist in correcting and controlling the information they maintain about you, as this video explains.

   Earning Interest on Your Checking - Video
Earning interest on your checking is a fine idea because interest in itself is most excellent. Interest checking targets a more specific demographic than standard accounts and so you need to ensure you meet the requirements. This video discusses the ins and outs of these types of accounts.

   Is Free Checking a Good Deal? - Video
The word "free" is always a good one to hear, but when discussing banking, you can't just go off of that. As this video points out, free checking can always be a good deal if it goes along with your fiscal plans.

   Protect Yourself from Identity Theft - Video
Identity theft is a growing problem. Protect yourself against routine identity theft with the simple techniques in this video.

   Repairing Bad Credit - Video
Repairing bad credit can be difficult; the key is perseverance and wise money management. This video discusses some of the things you can do to fix your credit problems.

   Save Money by Recycling - Video
The idea of saving money by recycling is a good one and unfortunately too ideal for today's consumer world. While supposedly you can save money by recycling, really those who recycle don't gain or save much and just recycle out of the goodness of their hearts.

   Shop Smart! - Video
It doesn't matter whether you are shopping for curtains or a home loan—keeping a few simple ideas in mind can make you a smart shopper. It will also help you save money and a whole lot of time.

   Understanding Your Credit Report - Video
Credit reports can definitely be confusing and not fun to try to figure out. Once you know what's supposed to be in the report you'll better be able to understand it and use it to your advantage. This video shows you how.

   Understanding Your Credit Score - Video
Many institutions reference your credit score to determine whether you are a good credit risk for them. Understanding your credit score helps you figure out what you can do financially, as this video explains.


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